Add Intercept Data to Your Investigations

Guardian is a physical device designed to intercept and decrypt telephone calls, financial transactions and telematic systems, when duly authorized by the Judicial Authority.

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Use Intelligence as part of your decision-making

This solution enables the official authorities to monitor and analyze material and information sent in real time, providing additional intelligence for investigations. This system also enables the conversations of intercepted targets to be transcribed and analyzed, offering productivity and speed to the acquisition of reliable evidence and proofs in investigative processes.


Brazilian technology applied to public safety

Guardian is a solution developed in Brazil to meet the requirements of the applicable legislation. Dígitro is also certified as a Strategic Defense Company (EED) by the Ministry of Defense, which confirms its legitimacy to provide technology for national defense.


Main Features

It helps with analyzing data and ensures that evidence is secure in court proceedings

  • Unified Interface Organize information in a single database, making it easier to analyze and generate knowledge.
  • Restricted access Restrict the access to authorized officials, in accordance with the rules on information confidentiality, as set out in their organization’s operational security guidelines.
  • Chain of Custody and Auditing for Evidence A set of tools that allows tracking the origin of and access to information, as well as all the complementary data organized in the whole history of users’ activities.

Complete Management

More agile analysis, added intelligence and a guarantee of data security

This solution allows the monitoring of hundreds of targets and their phone calls in real time, providing productivity for investigations that are based on complex and varied data sources. It also ensures the integrity of the chain of custody and its documentation history, enabling data control and auditing.

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Usability Condition

The Guardian System must be installed directly to the server of the authority that has requested it. It is only available to State authorities and those competent under the constitution, which have investigative powers.

Integrated Features

Integrate it with various sources and ensure the chain of custody

Guardian can be integrated with telephone operating systems, additional data from SITTEL (The Investigation System for Telephony and Telematic records), as well as various other sources of legally intercepted and decrypted material. It also has native integration with data from the Android and IOS operating systems, websites and mobile devices, emails, calendars, browsing information, geolocation data, social media and other specific sources through Guardian Online.

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    Um centro de ensino de inteligência investigativa para profissionais da área de segurança pública.

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    Cursos exclusivos voltados para clientes que possuem o Intelletotum para Segurança Pública, com perfil de administrador e analista.

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Take a look at some of the frequently asked questions from our stakeholders.

  • This product is for both the Judicial system in general (Public Prosecutor's Office, Appellate Courts - STF, STJ, TJ, Regional Courts and Councils) as well as Public Security departments, such as the Department of Public Safety, Police (Federal, Civil, Military, Highway, Federal, Railway), and Fire Services.
  • Yes, training by a specialist team is included as part of the delivery project.
  • The length of implementation will depend on the complexity of the infrastructure of the organization and the size of the project. You will need to ask Dígitro’s technical and commercial team for an estimate.
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